Lighted Compact Mirror with 3 Colors and Dimmer. Great for Home and Travel
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Magnifying 1X and 10X Compact Mirror with LED Lights

Magnifying 1X and 10X Compact Mirror with LED Lights

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The StudioZone Light Up Magnifying Compact Mirror helps keep your eyeliner and lipstick on point. Never miss a stray hair when you are out and about. Perfect for low light situations. Includes 3 Color Dimming Options to choose from Natural, Warm, and Daylight. 

Size: 3.9" x 3.9" 

♥ LARGE COMPACT MIRROR 3.9" square - small enough for your hand but big enough to see
Elegant & Sleek Professional Makeup Mirror design
1x TRUE VIEW MIRROR = perfect for applying make up & seeing entire face - fits in your hand but also stays open when resting on a tabletop
10X MAGNIFYING MIRROR - the 10X magnification allows you to 
see up close + larger size means you can see entire eye, an entire eyebrow, or your entire mouth.
♥ 3 Color Options – Natural, Warm, and Daylight
Dimmable - Dim or brighten based on your needs
♥ Off Upon Opening - Prevents unwanted lighted moments
♥ HANDHELD MAKEUP MIRROR - 1x True View mirror shows true life full face image & 10x magnification side has a 4-6 inch focal point for up close detail viewing.
♥ Perfect for makeup application for detail work like eyeliner application or tweezing eyebrows.

  • BE CONFIDENT – Your Travel Worthy Compact Mirror with LED Lights will keep you look great all day every day. Walk out knowing you look your very best. No more missing smudged eye makeup, unseen blemishes, stray hairs, or small specks between your teeth. This lighted travel mirror helps you make sure everything on your face is exactly how and where it should be. Perfectly portable for purses, and even mini backpacks.
  • Includes Mirror, USB Cable, User Manual and Soft Carrying Case

Most magnifying compact mirrors only have 2 - 5 x magnification which doesn't help much. You cannot apply makeup or tweeze your eyebrows or other stray hairs on your face with your glasses on so you need proper magnification.

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Lighted Travel Mirror - StudioZone

Desired by Beauty Enthusiasts

A Travel Mirror with Light that Gets to KNOW YOU - Memory Function – Mirror remembers your last setting for your best experience plus It will always be Off Upon Opening to prevent unwanted lighted moments

The Beauty is in the Details